2021 Manager-in-Training (All U.S. Locations)

The Manager-in-Training (MIT) will fulfill all current host responsibilities while also being mentored to take on their own permit. This includes working closely with an assigned Area Manager to train on people management (including recruiting, hiring, training and orientation), regular operations, financial accountability, equipment care, facility maintenance, and governmental liaison responsibility.


While in training, the MIT will assume the role of manager periodically to obtain exposure and familiarity with the following functions:


  • Understands the Operating Plan for the assigned area, and knows all pertinent laws, rules, and local regulations as they affect the recreation area.
  • Exercises some supervisory responsibility for employees, including recruiting, hiring, training and scheduling.
  • Conducts new hire orientation at the beginning of each season and ongoing safety tailgate meetings.
  • Addresses any visitor complaints or incidents that may occur, and takes whatever necessary actions possible to effectively resolve such situations.
  • Oversees and corrects, as needed, any deficiencies in operations in order to comply with Permit, Operating Plan, and Company operating standards.
  • Ensures customer service is handled in a courteous and professional manner, and serves as an example for direct reports.
  • Participates in all phases of fee collection, facility and grounds maintenance, utility system testing, and other operations as needed.
  • Secures, processes, and maintains all records for revenues, and submits reports as instructed.
  • Keeps corporate staff informed of any significant problems or issues within area, and will perform other related duties as may be assigned by corporate officers.
  • Performs manual labor tasks and may perform or supervise certain construction and maintenance tasks; assists maintenance personnel in the performance of routine duties.
  • Assists/participates in all phases of fee collection, facility and grounds maintenance tasks, and water and utility system testing as needed.
  • Reports problems and any unsafe or hazardous conditions as they are discovered, and enforces rules according to customer service standards.



  • Prior operations management experience, preferably with the Company.
  • Thorough understanding of Company procedures (both local and corporate); compliance and rules enforcement (including federal, state and local laws).
  • Prior personnel management experience; open to feedback and possess a desire for continuous learning.
  • Possesses common sense and good judgement; able to make decisions within the boundaries of this position.
  • Knowledge of general bookkeeping principles, purchasing, human resources, and public relations.
  • Excellent writing abilities and verbal and written communications skills.
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures and safety compliance.
  • Computer proficiency with MS Office and working knowledge of general office equipment.
  • Strong customer service skills; enjoys working in an environment of extensive public contact.
  • Flexible, adaptable and resilient.
  • Basic manual labor abilities, including an ability and willingness to clean and sanitize facilities with a variety of cleaning agents and chemicals.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
  • Solid administrative abilities and computer skills, including recordkeeping and money handling.
  • Courageousness and ability to effectively handle a variety of conflicts.
  • Must be able to work with minimal supervision, and be able to learn quickly and follow instructions accurately.
  • Willing to work a flexible work schedule, including regular evenings, weekends and holidays.